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Luxury model

West Coast& FMTY

Make Her Your Reality

‘Show me passion. I don’t want to hear it. I’m a visual learner…’

Hi there, I’m Bridget, thank you for visiting my website. As you may already know, I’m a luxury companion based in City of Angels. I’m currently in my 20’s and I have just finished my first master degree.

Life is short, I seize as many opportunities try to make it colorful and exciting. I have passion on a lot of things, many of my friends describe me as “a happy little flower”. Traveling is one of my biggest passion, it has given me a unique perspective to experience and see the world. As you may notice, I travel over half of my time in a month; hopping on a flight, land in an unfamiliar destination and explore the city always get me fully recharged, which is a rare ability to have as most people could get tired easily when travel. I enjoy my jet-setting life style so much and can never had enough of it. I love the feeling to be pulled out of my comfort zone, get inspired to see, taste and try new things, and to constantly take new challenges. I’ve been living in 4 different countries so far and travelled most part of Asia and North America. I consider myself an international citizen, my life experience in the jet-setting department definitely plays a part in shaping my open minded viewpoint, bubbly personality and good communication skills. Being open to new experience could be one of the best things a person can have, and I’m looking forward to discover the unknown joy that we’ll bring to each other.

Checking my social media and photo gallery, you’ll find that I’m apparently a foodie, I even have a keep-going-on blog on this website talk about restaurants I’ve tried. If you need inspiration of what’s the best place to dine at with quality food and ambient atmosphere, welcome to check my blog and date idea page. Giving my two cents, quality experience is priceless. Anyone who has a chance to exchange a fabulous experience with financial investment is lucky. The same mindset might apply on you if you read my bio this far, I actually mean the dining experience haha, or maybe we can meet for a romantic dinner date enjoying the joy of sensation, seeing where we’ll be led to behind the closed door. And I’m sure I’ll leave you want more.

I love shopping as well, I own a huge collection of high- end heels, perfume and lingeries. Beautiful things shows taste never fail to put a big smile on my face. I adore all kinds of beauty and enjoy being beautiful myself, I love dressing myself up from inside and out, head to toe. Imagining I sit in front of you, talking and laughing, you can smell the feminine aroma rise from my neck, my body is covered by a dress highlights all my curves. We become closer, you pill off the cover, seeing your present wrapped beautifully with the full set lingerie waiting to be appreciated.

Playful and sophistication exist on me the same time. I know how to have fun, at the same time know how to carry myself. The biggest compliment I receive is how effortlessly I can create intimacy between the two. People say I’m like the friend they’ve known well with the rare allure. Let me capture you with my big innocent eyes and full rosebud lips, I will impress you with my Marilyn Monroe like hourglass body and playful nature, leaving you want more.

There are many things words can’t tell by themselves. Make me your treat, I promise you a rendezvous like never before.


Bridget B

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38'-20-41' My girl, she looks so fine

| Los Angeles based

| Touring& FMTY

| Mid 20's

| Bisexual

| 5'5''

| Hourglass shape

| Natural E bust

| Hazel eyes

| Light brown hair

| Asian

| No Tattoo (Inks you see on some of my photos are all temporary)


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