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Bridget Experience

Currency in USD


I prefer longer date and special activities spice up our time together (dining, museum visit, a show night, you name it!) Let me know if you have any ideas, otherwise I'm happy to play concierge.


Crème de la crème


48hrs ----------------- $13,000

A very Brigitte weekend

24hrs ----------------- $8500

An entire day escape

14hrs ----------------- $6500

Romantic night over with least 6 hrs sleep

10hrs ----------------- $5500

Our day time adventure in town


6hrs ------------------- $4000

The  pure tension

4hrs ------------------- $3000

Dinner and play make the perfect day


3hrs ------------------- $2500

A playful time of our own

2 hrs ------------------ $2000

Signature session


A Taste

1.5 hrs ---------------- $1600

Your dream rendezvous

1hr -------------------- $1200

Incall only

VIP Experience

Email me to enquire VIP experience details

2- 6 hrs package is recommended if you are first-time admirer.

14hrs ----------------- $8000

Want a surreal night? (with minimum 6 hrs sleep)

10hrs ----------------- $6000

Our forbidden day

6hrs ------------------- $4300

Wild fantasies behind the closed door

4hrs ------------------- $3300 

Dinner and play

3hrs ------------------- $2800

Turn the good girl be bad

2 hrs ------------------ $2300

Signature session 


1.5 hrs ---------------- $1900

Spicy rendezvous

1hr -------------------- $1500

Short term fantasy

Fly Me To You

FMTY are always welcomed and longer FMTY appointment will be prioritized (meaning I'll clear my travel schedule for it).


Yes I do tour a lot, but there are cities I don't go, so FMTY would be your best choice. Plus if you can't wait till I visit your town, FMTY is the best option.

Minimum duration: 6 hrs (honestly 14 hrs is preferred)

Deposit: 50%

Travel cost& Accommodation: Separate from donation, I require fly in first class (same as train).

Planning guarantees a quality time, feel free to suggest the place we can go for some social time, I can pick as well if you want the lady makes her choice.

Monthly Arrangement 

  • 3 months minimum, open to existing friends 

  • None exclusive arrangement starts from $40,000

  • Exclusive arrangement is available, email me to inquire info.

You may want to know

  • I'm available for incall & outcall.

  • For couple's booking, there is a 40% add-on on top of the experience of your selection.


  • For outcall, I require extra fee for real time round trip Lyft/Uber cost, appointment duration needs to be longer than the hour I spend on the road (round trip).


  • I might request further screening check depends on the circumstance.


  • 30% deposit is mandatory, the deposit is not refundable and it will be kept as cancellation fee if you cancel. If I didn't ask you for 30% and you make a cancellation, I would need a 30% cancellation fee in total.

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