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Bridget Experience

Currency is in USD


I prefer longer date and special activities spice up our time together (dining, museum visit, a show night, you name it!) Let me know if you have any ideas, otherwise I'm happy to play concierge.


Crème de la crème


48hrs ----------------- $13,000

A very Brigitte weekend

24hrs ----------------- $8500

An entire day escape

14hrs ----------------- $6500

Romantic night over with least 6 hrs sleep


6hrs ------------------- $3500

The  pure tension

4hrs ------------------- $2800

Dinner and play make the perfect day


3hrs ------------------- $2300

A playful time of our own

2 hrs ------------------ $1700

Signature session


A Taste

1.5 hrs ---------------- $1400

Your dream rendezvous

1hr -------------------- $1000

A little bit Brigitte for your day

VIP Experience

To enquire details of VIP experience, please email me

2- 6 hrs package is recommended if you are first-time admirer.

14hrs ----------------- $7000

Want a surreal night? (with minimum 6 hrs sleep)

6hrs ------------------- $3800

Wild fantasies behind the closed door

4hrs ------------------- $3100 

Dinner and play

3hrs ------------------- $2600

Turn the good girl be bad

2 hrs ------------------ $2000

Signature session 


1.5 hrs ---------------- $1700

Spicy rendezvous

1hr -------------------- $1300

Short term fantasy

Fly Me To You

FMTY are always welcomed and longer FMTY appointment will be prioritized (meaning I'll clear my travel schedule for it).


I'm touring most of the time, but there are lots of cities I don't tour, so FMTY would be your best choice. Plus if you can't wait till I tour your town, FMTY is ideal for you. 

Minimum duration: 6 hrs (honestly 14 hrs is preferred)

Deposit: 50%

Travel cost& Accommodation: Separate from donation, I require fly in first class (same as train).

Planning guarantees a quality time, feel free to suggest the place we can go for some social time, I can pick as well if you want the lady makes her choice.


If you are in the US, please send request to my EMAIL with the following details


- Your name

- Your age

- Your ethnicity (I don't discriminate)

- City / Date / Time / Duration

For screening, please pick ONE of the following methods and send me the info.

1). Your employment evidence (Website or LinkedIn link, professional email check is required)


2). Reference from up to 2 independent companions.


3). P411 OKs within 6 months/ PD screening (3+ mutual review within past 6 months)


4). Your ID copy


*I may require a further check depends on circumstance.


30% deposit is mandatory, the deposit is not refundable and it will be kept as cancellation fee if you cancel. 

If I didn't ask you for 30% and you make a cancellation, I would need a 30% cancellation fee in total.

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