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Find me in London

When a girl feels that she’s perfectly groomed and dressed she can forget that part of her. That’s charm

------F. Scott Fitzgerali


(Currency is in GBP)


1hr --------------------  £450

A little bit Brigitte for your day


1.5 hrs ---------------- £600 

Your dream rendezvous


2 hrs ------------------ £750

Signature session


3hrs ------------------- £10500

Escape with me


4hrs ------------------- £1100 (Dinner date)

Dinner and play make the perfect day


4hrs ------------------- £1400

4hrs' pure tension


14hrs ----------------- £1900

Romantic night over with least 6 hrs sleep


24hrs ----------------- £3400

An entire day escape


48hrs ----------------- £4700

A very Brigitte weekend


(Currency is in GBP)


1hr -------------------- £700

Short term fantasy


1.5 hrs ---------------- £800

Spicy rendezvous


2 hrs ------------------ £1200

Signature session


3hrs ------------------- £1500

Pure tension


4hrs ------------------- £1500 (dinner date)

2hrs dinner 2hrs play


4hrs ------------------- £1800

Wild fantasies behind the closed door


  • Screening is mandatory to ensure the best outcome.

  • For screening, please provide either your employment evidence (eg. LinkedIn account link) or reference from at least two independent ladies.

  • Prebook is preferred, please shoot me an email at least 24 hrs before your time in mind.

  • 30% deposit is required, the deposit is not refundable. Cancellation of 72 hrs before the scheduled date will entitle you to use the deposit towards future rescheduling. The deposit will be kept as cancellation fee if you cancel within 72 hrs of our date. 

  • I accept foreign currency.

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