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The Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare, a Michelin 3 star restaurant



Restaurant Name

The Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare


431 W 37th St, New York, NY 10018


Fusion: Japanese & French

Environment 10/10

Love my love to speakeasies, a restaurant hides in a small grocery store can almost give me an orgasm.

Food 9/10

Suitable for dating 8/10

They have table sitting and counter sitting. Counter sitting is closer to the kitchen, you can see how each dish is made almost closely, which is an extremely fun experience. However if you are looking for having some private chat with your date, table sitting would be ideal. Their table sitting allows all guests facing the kitchen to watch the cook process from a further distance and have a more private chat. (not sure if they’ll give 2 people a table though, better to call them and check)



For my visit early this year to The Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare. French-Japanese fusion cuisine is fun to eat, there’s nothing showy in the entire dining experience, the emphasis on the natural flavours of ingredients won me over. I especially loved the soup with a fair size of foie gras; the taste of fat exploding with the light flavoured Japanese style soup is more than amazing. The dessert part is quite unforgettable, I really like the shaved ice dessert.

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